Cyberspace with children
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One of the most important issues related to family life is the issue of “media literacy”. In the past, families never encountered such a large number of mass media and communication systems, and perhaps the only portals available to families for receiving information and communication included television, radio, and landline telephone. However, the widespread growth of various media and communication systems and instruments, especially the availability of smart equipment to children, has resulted in the emergence of such conditions in which family control over what children are being exposed to by mass media has been reduced considerably.
One of the most important issues that can cause distance between parents and children is that of the effect of media. Thus, having “media literacy” or media education is a must for parents and it is through familiarity with and learning media literacy and training that they can monitor, supervise and control the media behavior of their own children.
Therefore, in line with our mission in the area of education, we have decided to provide families with certain educational materials on the subject of media literacy. Keeping that in mind, what
follows are excerpts taken from the remarks of Dr. Saeed Modarresi (an expert on educational issues and media literacy), which contain important and significant points about media literacy.

Table of Contents

1. What Can We Do to Protect Our Children from the Harmful Effects of Cyberspace?
2. Common Parent and Child Media Memory
3. Taking Care of Eyes and Ears
4. Physical Precautions in Using Cell Phones
5. Beware of Electromagnetic Radiation
6. The Effect of Media Portals on Disturbing One’s Sleep
7. Beware of Media Obesity
8. Talking to Children About the Media
9. How to Raise and Train an Influential Media Child?
10. Beware of Children’s Information Overload!
11. Gradual Hacking of Personality by Social Networks
12. The God of Cyberspace Is the same as God of Real Space
13. How Do We Know If We Have Internet Addiction?
14. How to Protect Our Children from Inappropriate Cyberspace Content?


The above text is the translation of what has been quoted by the International Quran News Agency (IQNA) from the website of the “Baran Media Training Center”.


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